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Sunflower Labs is not a typical company. We are building something no one thought was possible until we built it and showed it. And we did it with a tight-knit team, on a budget, and in record time. We are now entering a new chapter for our company and bringing our products to the world at scale. If you think it is going to be hard – you are right. If you think it is impossible – just wait. If you want to help get us there – get in touch.

Our main office is in Zurich, Switzerland, but we also have an office in Belgrade, Serbia. Most of our positions are open to remote employees (assuming you are ok with traveling to Switzerland from time to time).

Open Positions

Support Engineer

As the support engineer, you will be responsible for helping our customers make the most of our system. You will prepare systems for new customers, assist customers during initial setup, and help customers identify and resolve technical problems they have with their systems. You will be collaborating with sales staff for new system setup and with robotics engineers for problem resolution. This position is for on-site employees in Zurich, Switzerland or Belgrade, Serbia.


  • Directly interact with customers remotely or on site
  • Prepare system configuration for new customers
  • Perform remote software maintenance, such as system updates, on customer systems
  • Analyze system errors and identify root causes by replicating the errors in simulation or on developer system
  • Fix minor issues directly with the customer
  • Make detailed problem reports for the engineering team for larger problems
  • Have a deep understanding of the system to identify and isolate problems


  • Experience in customer support
  • Experience working with robotics systems
  • Good oral and written English skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Minimum B.S. in computer science or related engineering field
  • Work permit in Switzerland or Serbia required

If you are interested in this position – get in touch:

Camera Engineer

We are looking for a camera specialist to work with camera manufacturers in order to design and manufacture custom camera payloads for our fully-autonomous drone-in-a-box system. You will work with engineers and management to define and identify the requirements for the custom camera systems and develop a road map for future product designs.


  • Develop camera functional and performance requirements
  • Negotiate with camera manufacturers to develop a camera system
  • Validate camera performance and quality
  • Act as a bridge between the development team and the camera manufacturer
  • Design and maintain the system architecture of a complex embedded system
  • Write embedded software in support of drone operations and camera controls
  • Develop tools to update deployed systems in the field
  • Integrate tools for remote system monitoring and health assessment


  • Strong knowledge in the domain of camera technology and optics
  • Experiences with camera manufacturing process and/or lens testing automation in the factory
  • Experience with working with camera manufacturers
  • Knowledge in camera image quality tools and methods
  • Familiarity with types of IQ artifacts (noise, blemishes, color errors, etc)
  • Familiarity with camera and module calibration

If you feel you can greatly improve our existing camera system – get in touch:

Camera Engineer