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Always looking for smart people

We are always looking for smart and motivated people to join our team. If you are interested in working with us, please send your CV and some information about yourself to

Digital Mapping Engineer (Zürich, Switzerland)

We are looking for a digital mapping engineer to design aerial mapping procedures for our drone, implement an automated pipeline for 3D reconstruction, and optimize the 3D maps for use in our front and back ends of our fully-autonomous drone-in-a-box system. You will work with camera and backend engineers in the development of software to provide a complete mapping solution for our system. You will also organize mapping flights and produce site maps for customers. This position is for an on-site employee for our Zurich office.


  • Develop automated mapping flight procedures for a fully autonomous drone
  • Implement a pipeline to automatically process the mapping images and convert the outputs of the 3D reconstruction process to formats needed by the system
  • Optimize the mapping outputs for front and back end use
  • Define and implement processes required for interfacing to a third-party processing engine
  • Be involved in the design and development future mapping needs
  • Organize drone pilots for customer site mappings and perform mapping flights yourself when possible
  • Generate mapping outputs for customer sites to be used by our system


  • Strong background in mapping and GIS application engineering
  • Experience with 3D reconstruction, mesh files, point clouds, and orthomosaics
  • Experience with 3D graphics (OpenGL and GPU programming, shaders) and accelerated computing
  • Hands-on experience in building cloud-based mapping tools
  • Strong programming skills
  • Open category drone pilot certificate A1/A2/A3
  • Bachelor or master degree in a relevant field

If you feel you can improve our map generation procedures – get in touch:

Drone Operations Support (US East Coast)

As a drone operations support engineer, you will be responsible for helping our customers make the most of our autonomous security drone. You will prepare systems for new customers, assist them during initial setup, and help them identify and resolve technical problems they have with their systems. You will be collaborating with sales staff for new system setup and with robotics engineers for problem resolution. This position is for a remote employee based on the East Coast of US.


  • Direct Customer Interaction: Engage directly with customers, both remotely and on-site, providing comprehensive assistance and guidance throughout their system experience.
  • System Configuration: Prepare and customize system configurations tailored to the unique needs and preferences of new customers, ensuring optimal system performance.
  • Remote Software Maintenance: Conduct remote software maintenance, including timely system updates and enhancements, to guarantee seamless operations for our customers.
  • Advanced System Analysis: Skillfully analyze system errors, utilizing simulation techniques or developer systems to identify root causes for intricate technical issues.
  • Issue Resolution: Address minor system issues promptly and effectively while collaborating closely with customers, ensuring a smooth operational experience.
  • Comprehensive Problem Reporting: Generate meticulous and detailed problem reports for the engineering team, facilitating swift resolution of larger and more complex system issues.
  • In-depth System Understanding: Develop a profound understanding of our system to proactively identify and isolate potential problems, contributing to a robust and reliable system infrastructure.
  • System Optimization and Customization: Collaborate closely with customers to optimize system performance, providing guidance and suggestions for system enhancements and customization to meet specific customer needs.
  • Continuous Improvement and Feedback Loop: Actively participate in internal meetings and discussions to share customer feedback and suggest improvements to enhance system reliability and usability. Engage in regular brainstorming sessions with the engineering team to propose innovative solutions for recurring issues.


  • Enhanced Troubleshooting Expertise: Advanced skills in diagnosing and troubleshooting technical issues in robotics systems, utilizing comprehensive diagnostic tools and methodologies
  • Advanced System Analysis Capability: Proficient in conducting in-depth root cause analysis, including the ability to simulate and replicate system errors in controlled environments for effective issue resolution.
  • Basic Understanding of IT and Networking: Fundamental knowledge and understanding of networking principles and protocols (connectivity, DHCP, firewalls).
  • Drone Pilot: A valid Part 107 Drone Pilot license
  • Experience in customer support
  • Experience working with robotics systems
  • Good oral and written English skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Minimum B.S. in computer science or related engineering field
  • US citizenship or residency with permission to work in US.

If you are interested in this position – get in touch: