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Swiss Federal Railways

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Swiss Federal Railways (SBB CFF FFS) is the backbone of Switzerland’s public transport system and operates 795 train stations, manages over 2,000 passenger coaches, and oversees hundreds of construction and repair operations across its network.

After a successful initial demonstration at a test site in northern Switzerland, SBB deployed the first commercial installation of the Sunflower Beehive system at a large 3 sq km maintenance and storage facility. Sunflower Labs will provide dynamic on-demand observations, routine autonomous patrols, and people and vehicle detection across this site. The system is integrated with the SBB Transportpolizei video center and operated by SBB professionals to ensure that video privacy and personal rights are protected.


Train depot


85 acres



Swiss Federal Railways hive in front of train.
Swiss Federal Railways security holding Sunflower Labs Bee.
Sunflower Labs Bee flying high at Swiss Federal Railways.

Security and Police teams can use the Sunflower Beehive System to deter vandalism, theft, and trespassing on SBB property. Future installations could include a wide variety of SBB locations and sites.

Sunflower Labs has also partnered with Swiss technology companies to provide more accurate insights and support SBB’s observation operations across the country. St Gallen-based Meteomatics provides and directly integrates area-specific weather data with the Sunflower Beehive system, and Wingtra prepares properties for large-scale mapping and surveying.

SBB consistently ranks first in the European Railway Performance Index, and Sunflower Labs is proud to support the railway’s continued commitment to providing high-quality access, service, and safety to 850,000 daily passengers.

Swiss Federal Railways staff observing drone.
Sunflower Labs Bee leaving Hive at Swiss Federal Railways.
Swiss Federal Railways being monitored by Sunflower Labs Bee.
Sunflower Labs Hive at Swiss Federal Railways.
Sunflower Labs Bee observing Swiss Federal Railways and Sunflower Labs team.