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10 Federal Self Storage

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10 Federal Self Storage

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10 Federal Self Storage owns and operates 67 self-storage facilities located across 12 states, spanning a total of 3.5 million square feet. All facilities are unstaffed, remotely managed from their headquarters in Raleigh, NC, and accessible 24 hours a day.

10 Federal partnered with Sunflower Labs to provide fully autonomous, remote observation and security services that are both cost-effective and easily managed from a centralized location.




3.5 acres



10 Federal Self Storage facility - Bee view.
10 Federal Self Storage facility gate.
10 Federal Self Storage facility.

Managers would typically need to visit the sites regularly and in-person, costing thousands of dollars in travel and accommodation, plus additional losses from lapsed site maintenance. Thanks to Sunflower Labs, site visits can be performed daily, on-demand, and remotely to ensure that customer property is secured and facilities are maintained to 10 Federal’s quality standards.

The security team already monitors over 600 cameras on those sites, but coverage is still not comprehensive. By integrating these cameras with the Sunflower Beehive System, the team can quickly deploy the Bee, the Sunflower Labs security drone, to areas where camera visibility is limited.

Besides on-demand observation, perimeter patrols, and aisle patrols, the Bee also actively deters theft. “Theft costs us tenants, payments of insurance claims, bad reviews, and a poor reputation. It can be very difficult to combat and we think the Sunflower system, coupled with our night watchman, can be a game-changer in our ability to combat the issue”, says Brad Minsley, CEO of 10 Federal.

10 Federal has plans to deploy nine Sunflower systems, with many more on the way, to create a powerful autonomous security fleet that’s flexible, fast, and for a much lower cost.

10 Federal Self Storage hive on facility roof.
10 Federal Self Storage facility grounds.
10 Federal Self Storage view from Bee drone.