How the Sunflower system works

Learn about the technology behind our sunflowers, bee, and hive.

Identifying people,
animals, and cars

Sunflowers know when people, animals, or cars come and go from your property. A network of sophisticated motion and vibration sensors make it possible to identify each type of activity. When something moves across your property, the Sunflower system tracks and categorizes it.

Tracking a single walking subject

Comparison of sensor data and drone footage

Planning a safe,
autonomous flight

When something is happening on your property, the Sunflower system calculates the best flight path for the bee. The bee takes the fastest, safest route and finds the optimal angle to capture the scene. At the same time, it avoids turning the camera beyond your property.

Path planning to a target

Planning a property security sweep

Detecting obstacles
and avoiding collisions

The bee can detect unexpected obstacles up to 6 meters away, thanks to ultrasonic sensors on each of its sides. When an obstacle is detected, the bee automatically updates its flight path to avoid it.

4-way collision avoidance sensors

Collision simulation and avoidance demonstration

Precision landing
and self-charging

The bee lands safely in its hive even in windy conditions, due to the unique shape of both bee and hive. And when the bee lands, conductive charging rings quickly recharge the batteries to full capacity.

Bee charging in the hive

Montage of landings during one testing day

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