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Sunflower Labs combines Swiss craftsmanship and engineering with Silicon Valley startup culture. We're leveraging years of experience building consumer products to design an insightful home security solution.

Alex Pachikov
Founder & CEO

Aspiring astro-physicist and an experienced start-up entrepreneur. Alex was a member of the founding team at Evernote, where he served as VP of partnerships, developer relations and hardware products integration. He has over a decade of experience managing distribution channels, relationships with major OEMs, retailers, and telecoms.

@alexpach | linkedin

Chris Eheim
Founder & CTO

An aerospace engineer with 15 years of experience in avionics software and hardware development. He developed drones to conduct atmospheric measurements around tornados. Chris has led engineering teams and managed multimillion-dollar aviation projects, developing FAA-certified products that sold to Embraer, Fokker, and the Swiss and German Air Forces. Most recently, Chris was a project manager at Ruag Aviation and engineering manager at Sagetech and Freeflight Systems. He holds a masters degree in aerospace engineering.

Nicolas de Palézieux
Sr. Robotics Systems Engineer

A vision-based position estimation expert and experienced drone builder, Nicolas holds a masters in robotics systems and control from ETH Zurich.

Eveline Lonoce
HR & Operations

An early-stage administration specialist with years of experience in Silicon Valley, Eveline established Evernote GmbH in Zurich and managed HR, administration, and finance there. Previously, she was a startup setup and incubation specialist at Mountain Partners Group.

Chris Dobler
Sr. Electrical Engineer

An expert in designing high-durability systems for extreme environments, Chris worked on embedded systems at Flarm Technology, SAFEmine, and Hexagon. He holds a masters in electrical engineering from ETH Zurich.

Dusan Zivkovic
Robotics Engineer

Dusan is a robotics engineer focused on dynamic systems control and estimation, with several years of experience in building autonomous drones. Dusan holds a MSc degree from ETH Zurich. Dusan is a huge fan of yogurt.

Argyris Papadakis
Mechanical Engineer

Argy is an engineer with a passion for all things mechanical. Over the past 9 years he has worked on production and niche motorcycles, off-road recreational and military vehicles. He has been part of both engine and chassis teams but spent most of his design time on bodywork, intake, fuel and exhaust systems and their respective electrical components but also parts and assemblies that affected vehicle aerodynamics.

Gabriel Coarna
Software Architect

A cross-discipline software architect and developer with 15 year of software engineering experience, Gabriel was technical lead for Evernote Clearly and Web Clipper at Evernote. Before that, he founded Readable, which was acquired by Evernote.

Zoey Zhuang
Firmware & Signal Processing Engineer

Zoey worked previously as a software engineer and project manager in the Lenovo mobile business unit. She has a rich experience in building embedded systems for robots and has a great passion for data science. She holds a PhD in Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering from City University of Hong Kong.

Renato Samperio
Backend Engineer

A software engineer with experience in robotics and intelligent systems. Since graduating, Renato has worked in a variety of engineering projects and robot installations around the UK, Spain, Germany and Switzerland. He likes robots, football, and hanging out with his dog while writing his PhD thesis about visual-based localization for Aibo walking robots.

Special thanks

Phil Libin
Board Member & CEO of All Turtles - @plibin
Chris Dahl
Legal Advisor - linkedin profile
Nori Matsuda
Angel Investor - sourcenext.com
All Turtles
AI Products Studio - all-turtles.com
Ken Gullicksen
Investment Advisor - linkedin profile
Matt Taylor
Photo Retouching - adapt
Gabe Campodonico
Graphic Design - gabecampodonico.com
Jeff Zwerner
Design Advisor - @zwerner
Michael Dolan
Industrial Design - standard studio
Doc North
Leonid Kitainik
IP Advisor - linkedin profile
Thomas Egli
Photography - thomasegli.net

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